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Um... Is there something special that humans do when they become adults? Some kind of ceremony or something?
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Hey there, boyo.

...You again! [Sound of stomping footsteps.]

Hey hey hey! We're gonna leave you alone for a bit!

[Footsteps stop.] ...Really.

Yup. You're gonna get someone coming to you for lovin' soon, so our job's gonna do itself.

Who? What did you do!?

Nothing. But if you don't get it on the moment they show up, the next time we show up, you'll regret it. Well, be seeing you!

[Sound of a door closing.]

...What the hell was that!?


Sep. 18th, 2011 10:43 am
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Any men out there wanna have a fight? Someone else who fights with a sword'd be great, but I can do hand-to-hand too if you want. Anyone interested?


Aug. 9th, 2011 01:49 pm
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Hard to believe I've been here a year already. Sure doesn't feel like it.
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I was an asshole yesterday Haku. I humbly apologize for my rudeness.
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[He sounds completely exhausted]

We found Nick. He and his partner were shooting up one of the shopping districts and wrecking buildings. He shot Greg and we had to knock him out, so Faith's takin' 'em to the hospital.

[Attached: Location marker]

If anyone can get over here and gimme a hand searchin' the rubble that'd be great. The whole place is pretty much leveled.

And Haku? Can you bring a tow-truck or somethin'? Greg's car's in pieces here.
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Happy birthday Greg.

[Attached: Gift certificate to a store in Neon filled with 1920s stuff. He had no idea what to get Greg. XD]
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I'll be back at the Hyperion in an hour or two. Sarasim? Lorne? I'm gonna sleep today and then I can get back to work tomorrow.

By the way, whatever the D-Comms and D-Readers are made of? Someone should start making more stuff outta it. It's gotta be pretty much unbreakable.

[And if anyone catches him coming in or sees him in the next few days, he's got a good bruise going on his face.]
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Hey, Lorne? Sarasim? I... need to take some time off. You okay with that?


Feb. 13th, 2011 04:27 pm
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Ladies, I know not all of you have a man in your life right now. It wouldn't be right for anyone to feel lonely tomorrow, so if any of you wanna spend time with someone on such a special day, I'd be happy to accompany you somewhere. Just gimme a call.
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Sadamitsu, I still do not believe that this is wise. The doctor has not yet indicated that you are well enough to move around, let alone practice sword forms.

269! I've been on my ass for almost two weeks now. Need to get back in shape and find out what's going on with Black.

If you re-injure yourself you will be "on your ass" for even longer.

...270! I won't.
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[Sounding really out of it] Ugh. Been out for two days...

You lost a large quantity of blood. I have been informed that unconsciousness is to be expected after such an event.

Yeah. Been ages since I ended up in the hospital though. Hate just lying here.

The doctor has prohibited you from even considering getting out of bed at this time.

[Groans] I don't even think I could right now. Forgot what painkillers were like. Great way to spend today...

[He pauses for a bit]

So DATS? What happened while I was out? You find Black V-mon and that bitch? Forget what she said her name was?

And Lorne? Sarasim? Ain't coming back to work for a bit. And I hope whoever got stuck cleaning up the security office wasn't afraid of a little blood. [And by "little" he means he almost bled to death all over the floor.]
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[Somewhat flatly] ...Hey, DATS? I just picked up the Black V-mon that you're looking for. The one that was partnered to that Finitevus guy? He was walking around in the Hyperion for some reason. He says Tobias - he's a kid here that just got sent home - was hiding him in his closet.


[A bit frustrated-sounding] What's going on here? This guy's such a wimp he didn't even try and fight me off, just ran. Plus he says he's missing the part of his memory between his partner dying and December. He's obviously scared shitless, but he's just sitting here quietly and saying that he'll go with you without a fight.

You sure you put out the alert on the right guy here?


Jan. 3rd, 2011 08:28 pm
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Any guys out there wanna start off the new year with a good fight? Been sittin' around too much lately.

[Note: He's only looking for guys to answer. Which means mun is inviting girls to respond and see him try and worm his way out of fighting them. XD]
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'Bout half an hour ago Paulo was attacked in Junk City at...

[Attached: Location marker for an alley in Junk City.]

He didn't get a good look at his attacker, but he said he remembers hearing his Mom's voice and that it had claws and teeth. He got a wound on his ear and one on his neck that he's getting stitched up right now, but it looks like he'll be okay.

So I guess if anyone's in the area be careful. And if anyone's got any idea what the hell this thing is, sound off.


Dec. 19th, 2010 07:53 pm
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-alling someone, huh? Gonna get some?

Can someone tell me why the hell there's a talkin' plant in my apartment!?

To get you to make a move on someone buddy! Look at all the chicks running around here! Just grab one and find a bed! It's time for you to become a man!

There's no way in hell I'm gonna do anythin' like that to a woman!

A man then? Top or bottom?

[Sputtering] I don't swing that way ya fuckin' weed! Get outta here!

So that leaves chicks then. You're a healthy young man. I know you wanna get laid.

[Stomping footsteps]

Ooo, nice weapon you got there. But you need practice with your other one. Rosie Palms ain't-twack!

[Connection ends]
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What the hell!? Where'd all this come from!?

Directly above us, it would seem.

...Ya think?

[Muffled noises]

Huh? Ah! [Sounds of digging] I'll have you out in a sec Kulon!
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Please try it again.

[Sound of the Active Device firing, then fading into the distance as whatever it hit is shot into the sky. A few seconds go by.]

I can see it again.

As can I.

[A thud as whatever the object was hits the ground.]

I thought you said you'd figured it out this time!

I merely said that I had refined my calculations. Apparently, this was not the correct solution. However, this limits the number of possibilities that still need to be tested.

So how many more times do I need to do this?



I'll set up a bunch more.
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[Sound of a shower running]




[Sound of someone running and a door unlatching]

Don't come in!
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[This is the sound of Sadamitsu's face hitting a door he was able to walk through a minute ago.]

Ow! Dammit!


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